Lost Lost Set

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When we were hiking last week we accidentaly stumbled across a film set in the middle of the jungle! Ok, I’m exaggerating, it was near a public state park. But the area was technically locked, which we didn’t realize because we came from behind. After a few seconds we realized what they filmed there.

Can you see it already?
Maybe this helps? Probably not.

We’ll if it’s not clear yet from the title, we stumbled into the remains of the “Lost” TV series filmset! I instantly recognized the scenery from the second season when the actors were caged into animal cages on Hydra Island.

Amphitheatre in the middle of the jungle
Probably a bird cage

The most baffling part of this was that these cages and the arena were actually used for animals long ago. It’s for sure a perfect lost place and awesome for photographers who are interested in this type of photography!

If you want to know where you can find the remains of the set, show me your work and I will tell you the secret. 😉