Camera Operator at Tanzfest Zug

Operated the man guided camera for a livestream at Tanzfest Zug. The crew of soundtrax organized and handled the technical part of the evening and I was a honor to participate. The stream can be rewatched here.

Wedding of Stephanie & Pascal

I had the opportunity to realize my first wedding film for a wonderful young couple. The shooting locations were placed all over Zug and the emotions I was able to capture are truly beautiful. Of course I can’t display the movie here for everyone. If you are interested in a…

Speed golf tournament

Engelberg Tourismus hosted a “speed golf” tournament which was quite fun to watch. Livemotion had the duty of producing a short recap movie of the evening as well as capturing the moment with a few photos. On this link you can find the video and down here are my photos.

Wedding of Melanie & Fabian

I assisted my friend Milad (, who is an experienced wedding photographer, at the wedding ceremony of Melanie & Fabian. Unfortunately I can not upload these amazing images here. If you plan to hire me for your wedding, please contact me and I can show you my work on a…